Indonesia is an archipelago, comprising of thousands of islands in the South Eastern region of Asia. In the Riau Archipelago is the Bintan Island. This Island has a very rich history, in the past the Island had been an important trading post between China and India. Presently the Island has been successful in attraction many tourists from all around the world, and it has become an important tourist attraction after the Bali Islands in the Indonesian archipelago.

The island occupies and area of 1,030 sq. Km, just 50 km from the Singapore Islands. The population of the Island comprises of approximately 300,000. The languages, widely used in the Island are Indonesian, Bahasa and English. The Island has a tropical and humid climate, with temperature ranging from 24-31°C.  The Bintan Island with its long beaches and greenery looks like paradise on Earth. The coastline of the Island stretches about 105 kilometers. The blue ocean and the tropical rainforest look magnificently majestic. The Island offers many interesting activities and adventures. There are also many water sports that one could enjoy in the Trikora beaches. The Island offers the Bintan Resorts which are famous for Golf.

The Island is also host to many historical monuments. The Masjid Raya Sultan Riau which is famous for its 150 years old hand written Koran. It also has a unique architecture with the famous egg-white mortar. The mosque also has a very famous library containing Islamic literatures. The Boat race in Tanjung Pinang, the capital city of the province is also a sight to behold, with its excitement and suspense. The 28-meter tall Raja Haji Fisabillah Monument, which overlooks the sea also included in the list of World Heritage.

Along with the monuments there are also many other flora and fauna in the Island. There are many wildlife animals like the silver leaf monkeys, kites and Sunbirds. The various species of sea flora and fauna are available underwater in the sea around the Island. The Bintan Island is famous for Turtle sighting in the beaches and the sea. The sea turtles are a special species of Indonesia and its surrounding Islands. Dolphins could also be sighted in certain days.

There are various transportations on Bintan Island that one can choose for getting around the Island. There are cars available for rent, for which the fees range from S$50-100/day. There are also scooters costing about S$35/day. These scooters are fun and more convenient to travel around the beaches and all around the Island. Taxis are also available, but one needs to bargain for a fair fee. But most of the time it is advisable to avoid the taxis if possible. Another famous public transport in the Island is the white minivan. It moves around the city and the one just needs to yell the name of the destination as the minivans move past by. These transportations save time and would take you around all the important locations in the area.

The location of the Island is ideally situated, so that it could be easily accessible through both the Sea and air. The Batam’s Hang Nadim International Airport and the Bintan Airport at Kijang field flights from different cities in Indonesia. But the main mode of transportation to the Island is using the ferries. Singapore is the closest major city, which is just 45-50 minutes away by the Catamaran. There are also many ferries that link the Bintan Island with other Islands and important cities in the area like the Dumai, Kuala Tungkal and so on.

There are many resorts located in and around the Bintan Island, for tourists to occupy. Most of the hotels are owned and marketed by Singaporeans. These resorts provide comfort and luxury. The famous seafood found in the Island is mouth savoring.

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