The Bintan Islands are situated in the  northern part of the Indonesian Archipelago. It is a cluster of Islands with its beautiful beaches and amazing landscapes. The Indonesian is promoting and transforming the Island into an important tourist attraction for people all over the World. There are also many historical monuments that proclaim the rich heritage of the Island.

Attractions in the Bintan Island:

A visit to the Bintan Island could not be boring or unexciting with so much of fun filled activities offered on the island. Some of the attractions are:

  • Lagoi Park and Reservoir: This reservoir spreads across a large area of 14.7 sq. km, which makes it, by far, the largest reservoir in the Island. This location offers the serenity and peace of the water amidst the greenery of the island around it.
  • Gunung Bintan Adventure Trek:  This location offers the ultimate adventure and natural scenic beauty on the island. The mountain rises to a lofty height of 340 meters above sea level and it offers breathtaking view of the summit. There are trees more that 30 meters tall, and the forest is also home to many rare wildlife like the Silver Leaf Monkey, Sun Birds and many more. According to the local traditions the shower from the waterfall  is considered to be showers of blessings.
  • Masjid Raya Sultan Mosque: This is a very famous mosque, well-known for its unique architectural structures. The mosque is famous for the 150 years old hand written Koran and its library.
  • Banyan tree Temple: This is more than a century old tree, to which a temple was built. There are interesting stories associated with the tree and the temple. And many pilgrims come from as far as Thailand every year, seeking for good fortune and hoping that the temple would grant their wishes.
  • Pasar Oleh Oleh: The name of this location could be literally translated as ‘Souvenir Market’. They are a cluster of stalls that displays and sells all sorts of gift items and souvenirs. The stalls also sell some of the local delicacies such as the kerupuk (Prawn crackers) and dried fish. This location is easily accessible for the resorts and hotels.
  • Sri Bintan kampung Eco Tour: This is an opportunity to explore the rich traditions of the people in the village of Kampung, Indonesia. This tour gives a glimpse of the daily lifestyle of the villagers and the tour includes the famous Kampung dishes for lunch.
  • Bintan Elephant Park: This park is home to the seven Sumatran elephants. One can take an  elephant ride through the forest. It also includes interesting interaction with the animals, like feeding the elephants and so on.
  • Mangrove Discovery Tour: This discovery could be an experience one would remember for a lifetime.  It offers the joy of discovering the diverse wildlife that exists in the mangrove forest.
  • Traditional Fishing tour: This tour offers one to ride on a sampan along the Sebung river and do fishing the traditional way. Jala (fishing net), bubu (wire trap) and injab (bamboo trap) are some of the instruments used in the tour.
  • Dolphin Lodge: This location is just 35 mins away from the Bintan Island by boat. This sanctuary for dolphins offer their visitors to enjoy the elegance of the natural talents and skills of the dolphins.
  • Trikora Beach: This is a very popular beach, yet it is isolated and tranquil. The beaches with the clear water is an ideal location to relax and spend time with family and loved ones.
  • Raja Haji Fisabillah Monument:  It is a 28 meter high monument, which has been erected in the memory of Raja Haji Fisabillah.
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