The Bintan island is turning out to be an important location for eco-tourism in Indonesia. The Government is also focusing to transform the island into a major tourist spot. With its scenic natural wonders and rich historical monuments, the Bintan Island is an ideal location for those who love adventure and rich history.  There are many resorts in and around the islands to accommodate tourists and visitors. And to know about the delicacies available in the area is very important so as to efficiently enjoy ones stay in the island.

The island offers various delicacies ranging from the traditional local food and also famous international favorites. The various resorts have their own unique food and drinks. Among the local delicacies are the Keropk which is the prawn or fish cracker, this is enjoyed as a snack. The kueh lapis which is the traditional Indonesian cake  made of spices, butter, sugar and eggs. These are inexpensive and are sold in pushcart vendors all over Bintan.  For  more savory and heavy meal, foods like the soto which is noodles in a spicy broth and served with pieces of beef or chicken, bakso the Indonesian meatball soup, empal the Indonesian fried beef steak. The otak otak is an Indonesian fish cake and the Nasi Uduk which is lemongrass scented coconut rice, all these are foods loved by both the locals and the visitors. Another famous local food is the fermented soy beans called the Tempe. These delicacies are available in most of the resorts and food stalls.

Some of the restaurants which serve some of the best and loved local cuisines are available the Pasar Oleh Oleh at Kota Sebung, Café Helo Helo, Bintan De light Karaoke and food center, Kota Sebung Pujasera, the Kintamani Restaurant and Bar, and the Lotus café at Andgsana resort & spa Bintan. The foods are cheap and are mouth watering delicious.

Seafood is also cheap and is plentiful in the Bintan Island. So for those who love seafood, this island could be a food paradise. Most of the restaurants offer fresh seafood in their menu. The Kelong- style restaurants are famous for offering spectacular view of the sea from the dining tables.  One of the famous restaurants is the Tun Teja 533 at Teluk Sebung, which is famous for its spicy mussels and sweet ans sour squids. For freshly caught seafood, barbequed perfectly one would not want to miss restaurants like the Pantai Grill and Bar, the Fisherman’s Table at Angsana Resort & Spa Bintan, the Nelayan Grill at Bintan Lagoon resort. A famous seafood specials available only on the island is the gong gong sea snails with chillies.

The island also offers varieties of international cuisines. So if one does not feel comfortable with the local food, then they can surely choose to opt for the international cuisines. The resorts and the food stalls offer food ranging from western classics to Asian staples. Restaurants like the Nirwana Gardens  offers some of the best international foods. The Nirwana Resort offers four branches of restaurants like the Jeju which is known for its Korean foods,  coffee shop famous for Indonesian and International delicacies, Dino Bistro, which offers fusions of eastern and western food, and the Rin Restaurant which serves the Japanese delicacies.  The Mayang Sari Beach Resort also offers the Spice and the Belle Ile, which serves Indian and Internationa cuisines and French and Mediterranean cuisines respectively. The Bintan lagoon Resort is also a famous restaurant that serves Japanese and Italian Cuisines. The Banyan Tree Resort, Bintan also offers the Cove, which serves Italian and Spanish foods and the Tree Tops which serves western, Japanese and Asian fusion.

So it is rightly said that the Bintan Island has something to offer for everyone. And with so much to enjoy, holidays in the island could be a pleasantly memorable one.

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